Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ever heard of José Andrés? He is a Washington, D.C.-based chef, originally from Barcelona, Spain, who has had an incredibly successful career as a restaurateur in the United States. In more recent years, he has been continuing to share his success as a philanthropist. Check out his Washington D.C. restaurant, Minibar and Bar Mini for a fantastic and avant-garde experience of food. He is also opening a new restaurant in the National Harbor, called Fish.

LET FOOD BY THY MEDICINE! 'Tis the Season for going to a Maryland Farmers Market during Fall harvest.

Kinder Farm Park in Millersville, MD - a great place to take a walk with your family!

And finally...Sleep. I love spring and summer, but I find it harder to get to bed on time when it's light out later, and need to remind myself of a few things. For instance, no electronic devices for an hour before bed, no caffeine at night, eating dinner no later than 7:00 PM...and how exercise during the day also detoxes the body and balances my energy as well. Check out these sleep tips from the Sleep Foundation.

With that, I bid you adieu!

Yours in Health,